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Rod & Reel Protectors


Made from high density neoprene, the same material that wetsuits are made from, these custom fit rod and reel bags protect your valuable gear against damage from impacts and water spray while traveling in the cockpit, stacked in a bunk or gear locker or during transport to and from your boat.

Neoprene Series


Custom designed for conventional rods & reels from 15 to 80 lb. Adjustable length from 60” to 30" to fit all rod sizes (80" to 40" for 80 lb Class Rods & Reels)

Neoprene Series


designed for spinning rods & reels from 2000 to 12000 class. Adjustable length from 60” to 30" to fit all rod sizes.

Neoprene Series


Custom designed for oversized electric reels made by LP®, Kristal®, Diawa® & Hooker® to name a few. Adjustable length from 60” to 30" to fit all rod sizes


The Canvas Series is made from water resistant marine grade canvas that is mildew resistant, water repelling, yet breathable to prevent condensation buildup. They are universal fitting and are compatible with most conventional and spinning setups up to 7’ long with a max reel size of the 50 lb class.

Canvas Series


Compatible with spinning combos up to 7' long and reel sizes up to 12000 class.

Canvas Series

Conventional Rods & Reels

Compatible with conventional rod and reel setups up to 7' long and reel sizes up to 50 lb class.


  • Great design! The canvas series holds all my spinners and small trolling setups. Excellent protection while moving my tackle to and from the boat.

    — Todd R
  • I store my rods under a bench on the bridge and when I saw these bags I knew I had to get them. Perfect fit with superior protection.

    — Eric M
  • I started doing the math on how much I had invested in my rods & reels and I was sickened. I wrapped them all in the neoprene series. No more worries.

    — Greg C
  • I store my LPs under a bed on my boat. Always worried about them getting banged up. The xtreme electric bags were a perfect fit and do the job!

    — David B