Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover
Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover
Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover
Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover
Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover

Electric Combos Rod & Reel Cover

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Crafted from top-quality high-density neoprene, these sleeves are custom-designed to provide exceptional protection for oversized electric reels made by industry leaders such as LP®, Kristal®, Diawa®, Hooker®, and more.  The rod sleeves can be adjusted to accommodate various rod sizes using the built-in hook and loop fasteners, ensuring a customized fit for most rod and reel combos (see Size Chart for dimensions).

Custom Fit

To Exact Specifications

These sleeves are compatible with all brands of fishing reels and available in 6 sizes, fitting spinning combos, conventional rods and reels from 15 to 80 lb, and even oversized electric reel combos.

Water & Shock


Crafted from high-density neoprene, the same material used for wetsuits, these rod and reel bags offer a custom fit to protect your valuable gear from the damaging effects of impacts and water spray. Whether in the cockpit, stacked in a bunk or gear locker, or during transport to and from your boat, these bags provide reliable protection against potential harm.



The rod sleeves feature integrated hook and loop fasteners that allow for adjustable sizing, shortening the length down from 60" to fit all rod sizes. In addition, the Large bag is adjustable in length, allowing it to fully cover extra-long 80 lb rods and reels designed for chair fighting, and can be adjusted down from 80" for a custom fit.


Patch-IT™ Compatible

These rod bags feature a fully customizable logo patch built in, offering the option to personalize them with boat names, size indicators, or logos of your choice. This adds a unique touch and gives your rods and reels a custom look that is tailored to your preferences.